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Sunset funset w/Jeff Stoike

This was a fun evening session behind our Axis T23 on Lake Tahoe.  Beautiful views and the water was 74 degrees!  Can't beat that - come learn how to wakeboard or progress your riding today!

Seasonal Park Laps

Come take some laps with me!  From lapping the cable park in Sacramento to hitting backcountry booters - this video shows all California has to offer for shredding!

Island hopping the Truckee River

Well we did it!  We went through three winches trying to film this but it finally worked!  This is the Truckee River right by River Ranch restaurant.  What a fun shoot but the water was freezing!  Literally!

Bring a Pioneer commercial

I teamed up with the Pioneer Cocktail Club in Tahoe City to get some film and make a commercial!  It turned out pretty rad and it was a super fun day!  

Tahoe Wake Charters Commercial

Fun commercial we made to help sponsor Music on the Beach in Tahoe City!  Give me a call to make a reservation today!  (530) 448-7031

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